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Frequently Asked Questions

The In4Trade Store™ enables SMEs to purchase sustainable products and services at lower prices and better terms. By deploying our ESG procurement framework and by bundling the purchasing volumes we help SMEs to become more sustainable, manage spend better and generate added value beyond that which a singular business would otherwise be able to achieve.
With In4Trade Insights™ we offer curated information to decision-makers and through the In4Trade Store™ selected Suppliers offer sustainable  and affordable products and services.  In4Trade unlocks value for SMEs in the area of their Indirect Purchases. It does so from three sources; savings on spend, reduced process costs and reduces risk of business interruption, while contributing to their attainment of ESG goals. 
Price: In4Trade’s curated suppliers agree to provide customers with the “best available net price”. Suppliers do this in exchange for significantly increased sales volumes via In4Trade’s bundling and introduction of new customers without the Supplier incurring material customer acquisition expenses.

Volume: In4Trade’s curated suppliers agree to provide customers with the best terms irrespective of volume requirements.

Compliance: In4Trade enables customers to limit wasted ordering via focusing Indirect Purchases on curated suppliers only.
In4Trade enables the reduction of the number of suppliers for critical (indirect) purchases that a business requires and from this enables the reduced amount of time spent on the activities of Ordering, Receiving and Payments.
In4Trade’s curated suppliers are selected on the quality of their track-record, their ability to supply in a timely (often next day delivery) and no quibble money-back terms. Crucially a business purchasing via In4Trade has significantly increased “buying power” as a member and co-contributor to the volume bundled spend via In4Trade.
  1. Register your business as a Customer ( three easy steps)
  2. Login which will open your Store page ( My Store in the My Account dropdown top right of your screen)
  3. Select the category of purchases you are interested in exploring
  4. Navigate by clicking; you will be taken to the Landing Page of the In4Trade curated supplier for the selected category
  5. Follow the registration and ordering guidance from the supplier, be sure to include your In4Trade ID to confirm best terms.
In4trade has developed a self-service tool for your businesses that enhances your visibility of your critical/indirect spend profile. This tool - called Profile4Trade - is free to use and will be sent to you on request. 
It is setup as a framework to capture your recent/annual/budgeted spend by category and if you wish also by sub-category of indirect spend.  If you enter the key income statement subtotals it will also check that you have not missed out any indirect spend. 
The Profile4Trade tool is private to your organisation, for sole use by your organisation. We provide it to your organisation with our complements and request that you do not share it with others outside your organisation (as it is our Intellectual Property).
In4trade currently have curated supplier agreements in place for the following categories:
  • Business Supplies
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Energy
  • Voice and Data Telecomunications
  • Mobile Communications
  • Mobility - Vehicle Rental
  • Mobility - Electric Vehicles
  • Digital Services
  • Customer Connection
  • Logistics
  • Business Sokutions
  • Cyber Security
  • Marketing
  • Travel
Please contact us at with your interest and requirements for other Indirect Purchase categories and we will elevate the priority of securing suppliers for these.
No, the service provided by In4Trade to Customers and Front End Partners is at no charge. In4Trade receives a commission from Suppliers on the sales they make via the platform.
Yes, all suppliers will provide you with a quotation without any further obligation to go ahead and buy products/services.
The supplier will be your contracting party and will take care of all issues relating to ordering, delivery, returns and invoicing.
In4Trade has implemented and is adhering to its GDPR policy (see Terms and Privacy tab).
In4Trade charges a commission for the sales it brings to the selected suppliers.
The service of In4Trade is limited to the products and services listed in the In4Trade Store™ (see above). However, we are always looking to expand our services and are interested in any requirements you might have.

Please use the 'Contact us' feature and let us know what it is that you are looking for. Also, our suppliers often offer a broader range of products and services than is advertised on their site.

Please do not hesitate therefore to discuss with any of the suppliers any requirements you might have.
In4Trade has launched in the United Kingdom.  We are building our Supplier base first in the UK. 
It is our plan to add Suppliers that will service other geographies in Europe and the Anglosphere.

Please do contact us by using the Contact us tab on and let us know  in which countries you need assistance.
Please send an email to and we will cancel your registration.
To make it easy to invite other businesses to be a customer of the In4Trade Store™ we have developed the Invite4Trade tool.  Select "Invites"  from the “My Account” menu (at the top right of screen) when you are logged in.
Please contact us by using the email address provided in the Contact tab and we will come back to you asap.
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